La Matha


Whilst there are many interesting locations in the area with fantastic wine, sometimes at astronomical prices (eg Petrus in Pomerol), there are also many very drinkable wines much closer to La Matha. We like to think that we have drunk wine produced from grapes grown in the vineyard opposite the house, but that may be wishful thinking!

Good places to go are St Emilion, Monbazillac, Sauternes, and so on. A good day out would be a drive up to the north west of Bordeaux into the Medoc region - you will see acres of rolling vineyards, and many châteaux along the route!

Grange aux Garcons

The next nearest co-operative to La Matha is in Duras, called Berticot. Duras is not in the Bordeaux region, but is in its own region of Côtes de Duras. This co-operative mainly makes wine under its own label, and has a reasonable range of wines. The main staple wines are called "Cuvée Première": a good merlot, sauvignon blanc and rosé (blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon). A bit more up-market is the "Grange" range: "Grange aux Garçons" a fuller red blend of merlot and cabernet grapes and "Grange aux Filles" a delightful rosé.

We would recommend a visit there to taste their range.

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Grand Theatre

La Matha is on the edge of the Bordeaux wine region in the Appellation of St Foy Bordeaux. The local co-operative, UniVitis, is actually the largest group of wine producers in Bordeaux. They have production plants in Les Lèves, Gensac and Landerrouat, but their shop is in Les Lèves. Their day to day wine is under the brand "Grand Théâtre" - this is a set of decent red, white and rosé wines. They also do a Crémant, which we definitely prefer to cheaper champagnes, and is remarkable value.

In addition to their own brands, they also make wine for specific châteaux, some of which are owned by the co-operative. This shop is definitely worth a stop for dégustation!

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Chateau des Chapelains

Different from the first two producers on this page, la Verrière make their own wine. Their chateau (it isn't really a chateau) is just outside Landerrouat, not far from La Matha. They have a decent sauvignan blanc white, merlot based red as well as a clearish rosé.

This is our day to day drinking wine - we often take a few cases home with us when we travel by car!

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One of the glorious things about staying at La Matha, is that there are hundreds of wine producers within half an hour's drive, and most are very happy to let you try their produce.

The only downside is that someone has to drive!